350 Or Bust

audio for 350 or Bust!

You have really got to hand it to the WAMC listening audience. They really have their act together. I mean, let’s look at the situation. All around the world people are preparing even now as I speak to head off to Copenhagen’s upcoming International Climate Talks. People who are ready to make their voices heard in the world wide effort to stave off the worst of dramatic climate change caused by our prolific dumping of greenhouse gases like CO2 into the upper atmosphere.

Deeply committed people working to slow the worst of the dramatic food shortages, more violent storms and rising waters caused the burning of fossil fuels. People ready to fly off this December to join communities from all over the world to push our national leaders to undertake even more vigorously the conversion to cleaner safer green energy sources to maintain the climatic balance within which human civilization evolved.

But not everyone can go hopping off to Copenhagen. Not everyone has the money or the time. And thus entered our intrepid Northeast Public Radio listeners. And especially Bill McKibben formally of the Adirondacks and now Burlington, Vermont with his merry band of Middlebury based global climate organizers. Folks from right here in our very own WAMC listening area who came to the rescue of all those people around the planet who wanted to make their voices heard but can’t show up in Copenhagen themselves, came to their rescue by taking on the organization of the entire world.

Can’t say folks around here aren’t ambitious! And what’s great is that they have actually pulled it off! Yes, members of WAMC’s Northeast Public Radio listening audience have taken the lead – have brought the international battle to maintain the earth’s current climate balance right to the doorstep of people across the planet. Allowing people to take part in the international movement known as simply as 350, that simple block of Arab numerals, recognized around the world regardless of language barriers that represents what our best scientists tell us is the absolutely highest amount of CO2 parts per million the atmosphere can handle for any sustained period least we set off an even greater thickening of the green house gases that will soon push us into a climatic battle for survival too scary to contemplate. A number that compared to today’s 390 we are already depressingly long past. And that 350 movement — started right here in WAMC’s home turf is now all over the world from China to Japan, from South Korea to Indonesia
from Abu Dhabi to Brazil. In total almost 4 thousand events around the world in over 170 countries.

Events specifically designed to slam that critical 350 number into the world’s consciousness with rallies around the world that will focus on publicizing that critical number by having people using their own creativity to dramatically create that number.

Creating it in with chains of human groups, tree plantings, bike riders; a movement that is crossing international and culture battle lines as few had done before. As in the Middle East this week when on the 24th right there at the Dead Sea Israelis plan to gather to create a giant three as their Palestinians cousins form a five along side while their Jordanian brothers finish up with that final zero.

But WAMC folks won’t have to fly to Shanghai or Madrid. In fact, most of those in WAMC’s listening area won’t have to go far at all to find a 350 rally from Hartford Connecticut to the Massachusetts’ Berkshires, from Bennington Vermont to New Hampshire one has only to go to the 350.org website to get the details.

And right here in upstate New York, from Oneonta to Glens Falls, from Lake Placid to Plattsburg. And for the good folks of the New York’s capital region, right here in WAMC’s home base Albany, NY. This Saturday at the New York State Capital Building starting at 2:00 with local environmental heroes from Ward Stone and Barbara Warren to Congressman Paul Tonko helping to lead the rally.

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