“Let’s Get Started!” Sept. 2010

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WAMC SEPT. 9 2010

Dr. Steven Leibo is the professor of Modern International History & Politics at the Sage Colleges



I must say, one really needs to be impressed by the listeners in WAMC‘s broadcast area. In fact, on some of the biggest planetary issues of our day, our neighbors right here in Northeast Public Radio’s audience have shown an extraordinary level of initiative.

I mean, let’s be realistic here. The United States is right now heading into a general election when, unbelievably the biggest issue ever to face America and the world, the looming threat of dramatic planetary climate change, a threat that has already begun to cause dramatic human and economic damage.

A threat once thought at least a few years out that is right now ahead of schedule increasingly hitting us faster than almost anyone had expected with examples of what some oblivious observers are still calling “extreme weather” – pretending as if such events were not becoming the norm.

Yes, extreme weather events like the horrendous flooding from Pakistan to China. Extreme heat waves from North America & Pakistan to Russia
with food riots already breaking out as Moscow, seeing much of its wheat crop ruined pulled it from the world’s markets.

And yet, unbelievably, Americans remain mired in an election filled with trivialities, trivialities that will be forgotten the moment the election is over.

All the while the current US government seems so stymied by their “NO, NO, Never” political opponents that it has been unable to take on the real challenges that face us. Even as those who are “said” to have the most electoral momentum. Our head in the sand conservative tea party friends remain blissfully in denial about the horrendous havoc our addiction to fossil fuels is doing to the heat balance of the entire planet.

But are Northeast Public Radio types going to be discouraged by that?
No way, rather from our very neighbors homes and offices have come national and international champions of this humanity’s greatest fight.
From WAMC’s southern region heroes like Bard College’s Eban Goodstein who has spent years organizing national educational campaigns among college students. Campaigns focused on helping our next generation save the planet from previous generations accidental mucking up of the heat balance of the entire globe by their prolific pumping of heat trapping carbon gases into the atmosphere.

And in WAMC’s northern region, Middlebury College leaders like John Isham & Bill McKibben who have taken up the effort to mobilize the threatened populations of the entire world, which means pretty much all of us to finally take a stand, to say, in short, to hell with our leaders and those who presume to be.

To proclaim that won’t wait. That we will get started ourselves with a global day of green energy action on October tenth all across the planet.
Yes, across the planet organized by our very own Middlebury College neighbors people in over 140 countries are going to roll up their sleeves and just get to work.

From Burundi to Sri Lanka, from Indonesia to the Philippines

From Paris to Berlin, from Birmingham, Alabama to Kansas City.

And in our region from Albany’ WAMC’s hometown its very own Energy and Work Fair scheduled for Albany High School that October tenth Sunday to Burlington Vermont’s “Let’s Get To Work Party”

Not world leaders—those folks who have so obviously failed us —
just folks gathered around the world ready to pitch in from planting trees to weatherizing buildings – a global momentum built by our neighbors building toward that safer green energy world we so desperately need.

Yes, an effort everyone can become involved in just by visiting
350.org on the web — a local global initiative based right in
heart of WAMC land.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that it takes people to make something important for those who are more “informed” to recognize the sincerity. We are in danger and ever for those that do not believe that this threat is emminent the fact that we are adding more and more to our gas budget monthly should be enough to make us shop for alternatives. Malls and New Cars can only keep our attention for so long right?

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