“Think Globally Act Locally” Oct. 2010

Audio for Think Globally Act Locally

Dr. Steven A. Leibo
Is the Professor of International History & Politics at the Sage Colleges

“Think Globally Act Locally”

It’s a great slogan but how often can we really act on it?

But this particular month is one of those very special times when we really can fully utilize its possibilities. On one hand, faced with a world dominated by leaders who are obviously incapable of taking on the biggest challenge of our time, the conversion to more abundant, cleaner and safer energy sources, an obvious failure that has reverberated around the world ever since our twin disasters; the failed international Copenhagen climate talks.

And the failure of the American senate, yes the United State’s highest legislative body, that very America that remains the single largest source of the man made green house gases that have so disrupted the heat balance of the entire planet.

Yes, the United State Senate’s failure to match their House of Representatives colleagues’ accomplishments by passing their own green energy bill, a failed effort that was absolutely necessary if the world was to seriously take this challenge.

Yes, it has become ever so obvious we, humanity are in deep trouble. Sure, I am delighted that the White House has finally decided to more publically put up solar panels on the White House again. But, the fact is we have been losing the race with nature to avoid cataclysmic climate change. Losing it just as 2010 is clearly emerging as likely to be the hottest year ever recorded on our planet.

But now, this very Sunday people around the world Are taking up the cause themselves, not waiting for the world’s leadership to get their act together. Not waiting for the US Senate to get its act together. Just taking the initiative themselves this very Sunday across our region. From Albany High School to Rutland, Vermont. Across America, From Mobile Alabama to Los Angeles. Across the planet From South Africa to India.

Over 188 countries — More than 6,500 events , just people organizing their own efforts across the planet to plant trees, weatherize houses, plant gardens etc. All nicely organized and ready for you two sign up for at 350.org

Yes, a chance to join the entire world in pushing us, literally street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood Toward a safer green energy future. And once we clean up after this Sunday’s efforts we can turn our attention to the most influential of the world energy users; the Untied States and its all important midterm elections only a few weeks away. Doing so as one of the two major parties finds itself dragged by its nose away from the party’s own impressive environmental record.

A record that saw the Republican party proudly sponsor a series of endeavors from Teddy Roosevelt’s impressive conservation efforts to Richard Nixon’s role in creating the Environmental Protection Agency to the contributions of Republican senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John Warner All of them deeply conservative but as well deeply informed and long involved in their effort to warn their fellow Americans about the dangers of man-made climate change. In fact, were doing so long before the Grand Old Party was so embarrassingly hijacked by scientifically illiterate extremist candidates who are determined drive us off the cliff of climatic disaster literally 37 different conservative candidates who have uniformly wrapped themselves around a child’s blanket of denial.

So the way I see it, not bad for only one month. A chance to start fixing the world directly this weekend and in less than a month a chance to definitively weaken those who would drag our heads along with theirs more deeply into the sand.

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