24 Hours of Climate Reality July 2011

24 Hours of Climate Reality–WAMC Audio

You know, I am really not sure if it was the tornadoes that hit across much of the south late this spring, tornadoes that eventually ended up flattening parts of Springfield, Massachusetts that did it. It might have been those enormous fires that raged across the America this summer, though you never know, it could well have been all those weeks of flooding in the Midwest that the national news inundated us with for so many weeks.

You remember, all those images of desperate folks doing everything they could to hold the waters back from destroying their communities. Or, just possibly the heat wave that toasted so many of us to a crisp over the last few weeks. It’s really hard to say, though there is nothing like a dose of reality to clear up confusion no matter how cleverly sowed.

No in truth, it’s not certain which particular example of our emerging new climate of extremes it was that made the small group of us in Washington D.C. this last weekend, a bit more than a dozen of us at the Climate Reality offices, believe that anytime now, the American people will snap their chains. Yes quite literally snap that steal harness of lies so carefully crafted by the fossil fuel industries.

Yes, snap that steel necklace that has kept so many Americans from literally fighting for their way of life, the way of life we constructed to complement the climate and water levels we have known throughout the generations. Yes, lately there seems a very good chance that we just might finally see our fellow Americans snap those fossil fuel industry manufactured chains with same rage that saw King Kong break the chains that imprisoned him so tightly. Yes a real chance that we may finally see, not King Kong not that fictional giant gorilla but the American people themselves angrily cast off the chains of confusion and ignorance the fossil fuel industry and its ideological friends have locked the American people in for so long.

Chains that stopped us from fighting back chain, that stopped us from protecting our families from the huge range of health challenges that radical climate change is bringing on, from more problems like asthma to the failure of food crops. Yes, breaking those fossil fuel industry manufactured chains and allowing Americans to step up to the plate as the world is increasingly already doing — from China to Europe.

Finally allowing us to witness this September 14th and 15th

24 Hours of Climate Reality

Yes, an international event that will be hosted by Nobel Prize Winner Al Gore and a host of celebrities and climate scientists. Twenty-four hours that will see regular folks from around the world beaming out to a global audience their personal stories of how extreme climate change is hitting their communities from the raging flood waters to the growing deserts, from the destroyed crops to the more and more powerful storms.

Truly an extraordinary internet event starting the evening of September 14th that will be followed ten days later by

Moving Planet, an on the ground rally in communities worldwide to demand solutions to the climate crisis

Organized by our own neighbor here in the Northeast, Bill McKibben and his 350 Organization;

Two events, September’s Climate Reality on the 14th 15th and Moving Planet on the 24th . Two clarion calls that should constitute the same call to action that Paul Revere’s ride once did… blaring out with as simple clarity as one could possibly imagine it’s time to fight for our way of life.

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1 Response to 24 Hours of Climate Reality July 2011

  1. Bob says:

    As we debated before, Amercains will not do anything until they are forced to. The recent events are not catastrpphic enough to amke that happen. $10.00/gallon gas would be though. I know your potion on Al Gore. With his recent rant, I am afraid he continues destroy his credibility with the mainstream which is where you need the help. Right or wrong this is what is happening.

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