East and Southeast Asia 2016-17, World Today Series


Amazon site for East and Southeast Asia Annual Text

Since 1997 I have authored an annual East & Southeast Asia which comes out every august. The work – in part historical in part contemporary – focuses on issues from political and economic developments to environmental challenges like climate change. To learn more about the book and the larger Stryker Post World Today Series please see the following website:

Rowman and Littlefield Publisher’s Site

The current edition – 2016-17 can be purchased from the publisher or from Amazon.com. The next edition will be available in August of 2017

comments about Leibo’s East & Southeast Asia

As the economic power shifts from the United States to China, the thirst for learning about Asia intensifies. Professor Steven Leibo’s , The World Today Series: East & South East Asia is a great contribution to understanding this new Era. Dr. Leibo does not confine himself to studying China, or the booming economies of Southeast Asia. He painstakingly analyzes historical, political, cultural, social, and economic trends of the entire region to shed more light on the area. Professor Leibo’s approach is dynamic and breathtaking. His narrative is very lively and convincing. He takes us from the depth of history to modern times, form traditions, religions, and gender issues to the impact of the West, modernization, globalization, and revolutions to understand the region better. Although discussion about China and Japan (deservedly) occupy 25 per cent of the book, the author dedicates enough attention to the small countries such as Brunei, East Timor, and Myanmar. Addition of Australia and New Zealand makes the book even more attractive. This is a timely book which can help all of those interested in the area from students to journalist and the layman to expand their knowledge about the region, and its complex cultures, social relations, economic foundations, and changing dynamics.

Mohammad Amjad Ph.D.
Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science
Arcadia University, Glenside, Pennsylvania

Steven A. Leibo, the author of The World Today Series: East and Southeast Asia, is uniquely qualified to undertake this work, which is in its 44th year of publication. Dr. Leibo not only has the breadth of knowledge about both East and Southeast Asian history and culture through his training and professional career – but he is an actively engaged global scholar who researches and understands contemporary issues. This publication is an amazing resource for understanding the historical, cultural and social context of this dynamic region, and its lively style makes it accessible to both students and the more general public. It paints in the broadest brushstrokes the regional issues alongside in-depth analyses of all countries in the region. The more thematic areas such as the economy, role of religion, and the role of women allow for key comparisons to be made and the understanding of the individuality of each country and its cultures. Deftly updated annually, this is a fundamental book for consideration whether in the classroom or one’s library.

— Marilyn A. Levine, Provost/Vice President for Academic and Student Life, Central Washington University, Past President H-NET

Steven Leibo, who writes fiction under the pen name of Li Bo, is a professor of modern international history at the Sage Colleges in New York. In addition, he is a research associate at the Fairbank Center on Chinese Studies at Harvard University. His honors include being named a Fulbright scholar and election to the National Committee on US-China Relations. He is the author of Tienkuo: The Heavenly Kingdom, Beyond the Heavenly Kingdom  and Transferring Technology to China: Prosper Giquel and the Chinese Self-Strengthening Movement.

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