The Climate Crisis: Resources

I am among those who have been personally trained by Al Gore to give updated presentations of his academy award winning slide show from the film An Inconvenient Truth. Over the years I have given around 160 public talks and regularly teach classes and publish on the topic. If you would like to contact me to do a talk at a location near the New York Capital region simply send me an e-mail or to request a speaker closer to your area contact

The Climate Project

Prof. Leibo & Al Gore

Prof. Leibo & Al Gore

Professor Leibo with Bill McKibben

Professor Leibo with Bill McKibben

Leibo on Al Gore's Dirty Weather Report

Leibo on Al Gore’s Dirty Weather Report

One Response to The Climate Crisis: Resources

  1. I just heard your commentary about our Congress for sale. I am working as a volunteer for a wonderful progressive, Joel Tyner, running in the June 26th Democratic primary in the new 19th C.D. He could use your help, as he is the underdog to the blue dog Democrat endorsed candidate. Visit his campaign website,

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